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Altering Atlas  


ceramic object

earthenware, stoneware, 

each about L 26-30 x W 20 x H 0.5-3 cm

Photo by Peter Rautanen.

Blood symbolizes life, death, sacrifice, wound, pain, purity, dirty and filth among many other meanings in various cultures and situations. I interpret blood as a metaphor to connect various related things, to illustrate between visible and invisible, life is much more perplexing than binary thinking. 

you copy, you die

Behind those similar forms such as a cross-section of the body, cross-section of an egg, surgical plate, sanitary pad, eye mask, dashboard with face powder, band-aid, and map projection with bondage, there is something between the visible and invisible, image and meaning, something that can be hardly put into word. I played on metamorphic and metaphorical similarities from ceramic materials as clay and natural iron oxide, which also means the blood from the earth as Hematite (bloodstone for iron oxide material).

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