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Erotic Symbiosis / White Mythology (series) 2021-

Behind the pure white porcelain pieces assembled by different elements with their various implications, I invite viewers to (p)wonder further how we see the sexualised and sexed body. My practice aims to re-generate more meanings, inquiries, and imagination from the body’s erotic power and its reproductive creativity between and more than the binary gender under the natural and cultural dichotomy. I interrogate what and who makes sexuality turn into pornography, with whose impure mind. Who decides and defines the subject-object relationship when it comes to the human (who?), the body (especially the female body) and/or non-human others?

Myth is a game of imagination between the inventing and given meanings, a game of a turning point, a dot from solidity to fluidity and vice versa. It metamorphoses nature into culture then becomes belief and custom; it also transforms history into the so-called nature (the imperceptible ideology which we take for granted). In this series,  I focus on (re)inventing reproductive and sexual symbols that usually be interpreted in the myths of different cultures. I (re)generate the meanings of the elements from their forms, functions, and symbolic meanings to create sensual and poetic metaphors about an ineluctable fluid life cycle of becoming and transforming sex.

Various sizes  (Click the image to see more information about the size of each piece, larger & detailed photos)

porcelain and glaze 1250 °C firing

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